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any of various stocky heavy-coated breeds of dogs native to northern regions having pointed muzzles and erect ears with a curled furry tail

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A source said: "Moreno's dog came out of nowhere and savaged the Spitz.
Our hope is that the Spitz Fellows Program will create opportunities for women to empower themselves and succeed in their educational, career and life goals, said Warren Spitz, president and CEO, UCS Forest Group.
As an executive at ChannelAdvisor, a leading SaaS platform that helps retailers and manufacturers increase global sales, Spitz is a celebrated leader, earning awards such as "Top 40 Under 40" and "CFO of the Year.
To me, it could only have been a more positive experience," The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Spitz, who collected seven gold swimming medals at the 1972 Olympics.
In Southern California, the cuts are a setback for owners Aaron Kushner and Eric Spitz, who bought Freedom in 2012 for $50 million plus unfunded pension obligations from the hedge funds and bankers who had taken over the business after a 2009-2010 bankruptcy.
Marc Spitz is a winner in the sex-drugs-and-rock and roll school of Russian Roulette.
Gary Pearce, of Brambles Farm, was left beaming with pride as he and his German Spitz named Willie claimed a win at the world-famous contest in the West Midlands.
John G Spitz, Hill International's senior vice president in Saudi Arabia, says government spending on education and housing is far from reaching its full potential, presenting huge opportunities in the Kingdom for firms going forward.
OLYMPIC legend Mark Spitz has described British Swimming's review into their performance at London 2012 as "foolish" despite general agreement Team GB fell short of expectations at the Aquatics Centre this summer.
Journalist Bob Spitz has written several works of nonfiction, including biographies of The Beatles and Bob Dylan.
Analyzing such a morphologically gray area, it can be found to contain a certain number of melanocytic lesions, conceptually and biologically well defined but morphologically intermediate or problematic, that may be difficult to diagnose (considered MITs); this group includes some common nevi, some halo nevi, some nevi in special sites, some dysplastic nevi, some combined nevi, nevi with marked fibrosis (recurrent or not recurrent), some Spitz nevi, some Reed nevi, some blue nevi, some nevoid melanomas, and some nevoid lentiginous melanomas.
That's the verdict of Martyn Woodroffe, who at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City defeated the American legend Mark Spitz.
Olympic gold medallist Mark Spitz was in attendance, awarding the winners their trophies.
He hesitated at the question and I reminded him that I had been in Munich to watch American superstar Mark Spitz win seven gold medals with seven world records.
WHEN Mark Spitz won seven swimming gold medals at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich no-one ever imagined the feat would be beaten.