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a receptacle for spit (usually in a public place)


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Several gentlemen called upon me who, in the course of conversation, frequently missed the spittoon at five paces; and one (but he was certainly short-sighted) mistook the closed sash for the open window, at three.
That he had a score of Socialist arguments chasing through his brain in the meantime did not interfere with this; on the contrary, Jurgis scrubbed the spittoons and polished the banisters all the more vehemently because at the same time he was wrestling inwardly with an imaginary recalcitrant.
concentrate for cleaning and disinfection of aspiration systems and spittoons without aldehydes and alcohol, equivalent to oro clean plus, liter.
swirling, sniffing and swishing, before spitting into spittoons that see more action than an Olympic sized swimming pool.
Plans are on to display a vast number of exhibits such as swords, hookahs, spittoons, textiles, jade, a collection of carpets mostly from Iran, glass objects, porcelain, calligraphy panels, ivory work samples and metalware.
Kenrick's went on to provide a dazzling diversity of goods from cast-iron garden furniture to spittoons and from frill and flounce irons to decorative hinges.
All of them were tasted blind by us, with labels covered, and initially in silence, except for the odd slurp and splosh of our spittoons.
To make watching games more palatable to fans in the stands and viewers at home, provide brass spittoons along both dugout floors, and hire janitors for each location to patrol the premises.
The court, which directed DMRC to examine the viability of having spittoons and dustbins on the stations, also queried it on whether drinking water and toilet facilities were easily available to commuters.
The portable spittoons are currently available in a range of designs for the suggested retail price of $4.
Cornelia Adair mentions Chicago's beautifully appointed Palmer House with its ubiquitous spittoons as an alternative for "Western men's odious habit of spitting on carpets.
Appropriately, as we opined in the shadow of Edward I's bastion, spittoons were sandcastle buckets - not that they saw much action.
Spittoons and whitewash India's labour laws date back to the British Raj.
Alas, thanks to all the numpties who drove to the event, gallons of perfectly good wine was spat straight back out into giant spittoons.