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a receptacle for spit (usually in a public place)


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Both houses are handsomely carpeted; but the state to which these carpets are reduced by the universal disregard of the spittoon with which every honourable member is accommodated, and the extraordinary improvements on the pattern which are squirted and dabbled upon it in every direction, do not admit of being described.
Several gentlemen called upon me who, in the course of conversation, frequently missed the spittoon at five paces; and one (but he was certainly short-sighted) mistook the closed sash for the open window, at three.
Tenders are invited for Spittoons Plastic Round Type.
All of them were tasted blind by us, with labels covered, and initially in silence, except for the odd slurp and splosh of our spittoons.
To make watching games more palatable to fans in the stands and viewers at home, provide brass spittoons along both dugout floors, and hire janitors for each location to patrol the premises.
The court, which directed DMRC to examine the viability of having spittoons and dustbins on the stations, also queried it on whether drinking water and toilet facilities were easily available to commuters.
The portable spittoons are currently available in a range of designs for the suggested retail price of $4.
Appropriately, as we opined in the shadow of Edward I's bastion, spittoons were sandcastle buckets - not that they saw much action.
Spittoons and whitewash India's labour laws date back to the British Raj.
Alas, thanks to all the numpties who drove to the event, gallons of perfectly good wine was spat straight back out into giant spittoons.
It is a remarkable list and eloquently evocative of a very privileged existence: gold and silver ornaments studded with precious stones, embroidered cashmere wool and brocade shawls, bejewelled caps and shoes, silver, gold, jade, and amber-handled fly whisks, translucent jade goblets, silver cutlery, plates, spittoons, hookahs, and utensils for serving and storing food and drink, and valuable furnishings.
Coffee pots, sugar bowls, cream jugs, sets of milk jugs in graduated sizes, cups and saucers, and decorative kettles are also found in Measham ware, more often than not decorated with mottos, while rarities include money boxes, spittoons, candlesticks, and chamber pots.
3), rifles, boxes, flasks, spittoons and wine cups, there is jewellery as well.
Production included crocks, stove tubes, preserve jar covers, butter jars, churns, meat tubes, chamber pots, spittoons, mixing bowls, infant tubs, pigeon nests and animal feeders.