spit curl

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a spiral curl plastered on the forehead or cheek


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Very early in his stay, Clark displays superhuman powers, a strong moral compass and a spit curl on his forehead.
And his fourth dam Capelet is dam of Traffic (Hopeful S-Gr1), grand-dam of Zoonaqua (Oak Leaf S-Gr1), third dam of Air Marshall (Great Voltigeur S-Gr2) and Spit Curl (Alabama S-Gr1), and fourth dam of Charge d'Affaires (Prix Morny-Gr1).
De La Hoya and Camacho made a bet before the fight: If the champion wins, he gets to cut off the spit curl on Camacho's forehead.
And generally speaking, the little lady that was sitting with her hair all done up in spit curls and so forth, she'd just sit there looking pretty.
Ran's former flame Adele Invergordon (Charlize Theron, making the most of spit curls and Coco Chanel's fashion breakthroughs, if not a Dixie accent) has inherited a state-of-the-art golf destination from her recently selnflicted daddy.