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Synonyms for spiritualisation

the act of making something spiritual

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La nation acadienne, a titre d'exemple, a comme responsabilite sociale de travailler a sa spiritualisation alors que les nations qui l'entourent doivent pourvoir a ce que son developpement puisse se realiser de maniere << libre >> et << egale >>, et vice versa.
D'une certaine facon, toute l'economie du christianisme medieval repose sur l'idee que le materiel et le spirituel ne sont pas opposes mais qu'ils se completent hierarchiquement selon differentes modalites de spiritualisation.
Now, for the spiritualisation of these, must three hundred millions be sunk in savagery and starvation?
The contrast of bright gold and smoky surfaces has been employed to dramatic effect in Mattison's current Dark Angels, a series of abstract winged forms addressing the spiritualisation of the body in figural sculpture across history and cultures.
Pareille spiritualisation de la forme humaine va jusqu'a l'effacement des differences sexuelles.
Their success is a mark of the success of both elements of the 60s vision--the 'me' aspect rather than the collective, alternative one--and its continuation in the spiritualisation of accumulation in the 'greed is good' 80s.
La nouvelle mouvance therapeutico-spirituelle participe de plus, les etudes l'ont montre, de la mode de l'ecologisation des conduites et de la spiritualisation de l'experience personnelle (2).
Manuel noticed that "eupsychia" (about the term, see Maslow 1961) was the characteristic form of the twentieth century utopia, and he put forward a tentative analysis of the authors who propagated the spiritualisation of humankind and the attainment of a "good state of consciousness" (Manuel 1966, 86-95).
43] Elements in the tradition suggest "that icon painting was actual spiritualisation of matter, a re-enactment of the Incarnation, reflecting actually and not only symbolically the appearance of God at the human and earthly level.
This spiritualisation of the child perhaps reached its apotheosis in Gotch's portrait, `The Child Enthroned' (1894).
Clery's investigation is neatly organized around a chiasmus: 'But if eighteenth-century Britain saw the growing commercialisation of spirits, it also saw a spiritualisation of commerce' (p.
19) See Christopher Hill, "The Spiritualisation of the Household," and "The Bawdy Courts," in his Society and Puritanism in Pre-revolutionary England (1964; 2nd ed.