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an incorporeal being believed to have powers to affect the course of human events

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My legacy needs to be that I helped as many people as possible realise they are immortal, spiritual beings that are pure love and you are forgiven for everything you do.
The value of the personal spiritual being is the measure of all moral and statutory law in the matter of justice.
Even blacks who have considerable white blood can never rise to the level of a spiritual being because their animal-like subjectivity will make them forever incapable of apprehending "the law of God.
Thinking in terms of spiritual beings having a physical experience or physical beings having a spiritual experience perpetuates the illusion of dualism.
This living force, which I have labelled for convenience's sake, sakti, takes in any forms, from human beings to volcanoes, from small insects to invisible spiritual beings.
Whatever specific activities took place at the Irish structures, Dronfield says that they were places where people used myths, rituals, and altered states of consciousness to contact ancestors and other spiritual beings.
It speaks of such things as the Way of Heaven, motion, spiritual beings, and religious sacrifices.
Before starting the maskmaking project, the students and I discussed an imaginary "mystical village" inhabited by spiritual beings.
Metafilmics was formed in 1995 by producers Barnet Bain and Stephen Simon to develop and produce projects that entertain, empower and inspire by portraying characters as both human and spiritual beings.
People are spiritual beings," says Susan Mokelke, president of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, a nonprofit educational institution founded by anthropologist Michael Harner, who had studied techniques that were common to shamans worldwide and adapted them for Western use.
As spiritual beings, as "fallen angels," demons are more powerful than human beings, can possess persons, and can cause a lot of harm.
Tales of My Large, Loud, Spiritual Family" offers hope, courage and inspiration to parents committed to raising their children as spiritual beings.
Deep down in the core of our beings we are all spiritual beings irrespective of religious belief or unbelief.
If it seems odd to anyone that someone active in the church would be talking about ghosts, then I'd say they weren't very familiar with the Bible - which is full of spiritual beings, witches and demons," she said.
He acknowledges, however, that such unity is rendered problematic by natural inequalities among friends, by the fact that friends often concretely will dissimilar or seemingly opposite things, and by the fact that they remain two wholly distinct spiritual beings.