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containing or of the nature of alcohol


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Initially considered less disreputable because of its lower alcohol content in comparison to the spiritous liquors, beer, or at least its excessive consumption, was counted among the many indulgences from which Canadians would be encouraged to refrain as part of the general austerity promoted to support the war effort from 1914 to 1918.
1958) ("lf the State has the prerogative and right to narrow and control traffic of alcoholic and spiritous beverages which are in the flow of commerce passing through the State, then the State must assuredly have the power to regulate the importation and transportation of alcoholic beverages into the State.
It is like a spiritous substance which is born and developed by fermentation in a large gathering of men.
The superstar who used to go to bed with two glasses of whiskey either side of him is now besotted with the spiritual rather than the spiritous.
The symptoms of angina were described more than two centuries ago by Heberden (1786), who also noted that "wine and spiritous liquors .
James Madison considered "the corrupting influence of spiritous liquors and other treats .
The Black Codes listed specific crimes for the "free negro" alone: "mischief," "insulting gestures," "cruel treatment to animals," and the "vending of spiritous or intoxicating liquors.
26, An Act to amend the Law respecting the sale of Fermented or Spiritous Liquors.
Another of Rush's studies, An Inquiry into the Effects of Spiritous Liquors on the Human Body and Mind (1784), provided scientific support for the temperance movement.
Buskin river, a PS72,000 purchase, represents richard Hannon, while Gosden's spiritous bids to build on the promise shown when runner-up in a soft-ground Newbury maiden a fortnight ago.
25) A couple of months prior to this, the government had banned the advertisement of all spiritous liquors and would now apply the same law to all malt liquor as well.
but follow their old Courses" and in addition picked up new and dangerous habits on arrival such as "indulg[ing] themselves with the pleasant Fruits of the Country, which by eating to excess, or such as are immature Occasions fluxes and other Distempers and, most disastrously for their health, they "Shorten their Days by too free a use of Spiritous Liquors.