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concern with things of the spirit

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I do make a number of references to other nineteenth-century spiritist movements (Hoskins 2015, pp.
For a thorough treatment of the Spiritist movement in France, cf.
26), and summarizes the emergence of two major "branches" or lineages of initiates, led by two charismatic priests who had already built up followings through other religious practices: the Santiago-born muertera (Spiritist medium) Rosa Torres and the transplanted Matancero and Palo practitioner Reynerio Perez.
This article reflects on the structure of La lampara maravillosa, by Valle-Inclan, and suggests a new hypothesis on its structure, based on a thorough research of "Gnosis" and the study of the ascription of "Guion de las glosas" to the spiritist and theosophical literature of meditative nature.
-Brian Foster, Spiritist blog at nwspiritism.com, author of What Really Happens During Near Death Experiences - According To Spiritism
(20) analyzed nine Brazilian Spiritist mediums EEG and found an absence of epileptic discharge on the EEG during mediumistic communication, as well as a slowing of background activity in six participants.
and International Spiritist Medical Associations, which promote knowledge about the connections between body and spirit.
Data were collected using two questionnaires: (1) one for such personal characteristics as sex (female or male), age (self-reported), formal education (up to eight years of study, of nine to 11 years, more than 12 years), marital status (with or without partner), religion (Catholic, Protestant, spiritist or undefined religion) and number of children, and (2) the Scale of Ways of Coping with Problems (SWCP), created by Vitaliano, Russo, Carr Maiuro and Becker (1985), (11) translated and validated to Brazilian Portuguese by Gimenes and Queiroz (1997) (12) and adapted by Seidl, Troccoli and Zanon (2001).
Chen Duxiu (1879-1942), for instance, noted in his critique of the "return to the application of Euro-American theories of the soul [author's emphasis]" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), Spiritist Societies were advocating that nothing was exerting such a detrimental effect on the "heart" of the nation as ghost beliefs.
For a good number of Brazilians, going to a Spiritist center is a way to get a second opinion on a disease (4).
(340) In Gonzales, a Christian Spiritist sect filed suit against the government challenging provisions of the Controlled Substances Act that regulated the use of a hallucinogenic plant in the sect's religious practices.
The recipe is ritualism (exorcism of demons which govern a certain area of life, such as the 'demon of corruption', or of hereditary curses on the country caused by social sins like slavery or spiritist religions) and the placing of Christians in power." [See Paul Freston, Evangelicals and Politics in Asia, Africa and Latin America (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001), 16).
What began as an effort by umbanda and candomble religious leaders now regularly draws 200,000 with participation from the Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Spiritist, and Protestant communities.
Patients with a clinical diagnosis of migraine, with or without aura, were recruited from the Ambulatory of Herbal Medicine of the Spiritist Society "Terra de Ismael" (Jardinopolis, SP, Brazil).