spirit off

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carry off mysteriously

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But this was a day when the spirit off the pitch was as important as that on it.
If you want any response on the training ground, you need that spirit off it.
Let's not let anybody take our pride or our spirit off us, and if we can do that now, then we'll have had a decent end to the year.
His homes are symphonies--each element has a reason for being, works in concert with every other element and ultimately sweeps the human spirit off its feet.
Don't believe we have seen his true ability over hurdles yet, and the handicapper will be nervous watching this, eager to see what he has let in lightly, and if I had to pick one potential blot, it would be Celtic Spirit off 104
1 -- color) Anglers drop their lines in hopes of snagging some giant squid Thursday night aboard the Island Spirit off the coast of Oxnard.
Now that we are fast-tracked to becoming Los Angeles North, the same big developers lurk behind the curtain, ready to trade our way of life for huge amounts of money that they will spirit off shore or whatever else they need to do to keep it for themselves.
Solicitor Norman Fisher, 55, from North London, was onboard the Seabourn Spirit off the coast of Somalia when the attack took place.
The same wind blew a stranded spirit off the shores of remembrance to the seas of obscurity and oblivion.