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a Japanese shrub that resembles members of the genus Spiraea

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However, little is known about how the volatiles from the aromatic plants regulate the behavior of the spirea aphid and its lady beetle natural enemy; this is information that would be useful for biocontrol in apple production.
As she sat there with this nutty thing, she took aim at the grasshoppers, at her scabby knees, at her hot neck, and after a while she just shot it up in the air to see if she could hit the spirea bush.
Spirea makes a statement in a woodland or formal garden, and it is a perfect companion plant for the other flowering shrubs and spring bulbs.
Supported by dena, the cleantech specialists at Spirea have chosen the agro-industrial complex Farolur S.
The Spirea Veche Church, built before 1765, went through certain changes in the 19th century, in 1832, 1834, 1847, 1865 and 1883, when lateral apses were added to it, its veranda was closed, a bell tower was added, the proskomedia was increased, its windows were enlarged and the pillars between the nave and the narthex were removed.
O'r hen enw gwyddonol hwn, Spirea, y cafwyd yr enw Asprin.
Aspirin: German chemist Heinrich Dreser coined Aspirin from Latin SPIREA (ultima) "sweat-meadow" plant from which it was obtained.
Barta Peter; Modreanu Ileana; Spirea Nina; Piti Marius (2012), Promovarea antreprenoriatului ca factor cheie pentru dezvoltarea economica, Fundatia post-privatizare, [http://www.
Catalpas and privets and hawthorns and pink spirea bloom at parsnip time, and the number of fireflies grows in proportion to the flowers on the day lilies
Baseline susceptibilities to imidacloprid for green apple aphid and spirea aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) collected from apple in the Pacific northwest.
Dense patches of Douglas Spirea (Spirea douglasii) were also present.
SPIR pour spirea, genre des plantes auxquelles appartient la reine des pres.
Take hardwood cuttings from shrubs including buddleia, forsythia, spirea, weigela, berberis, hydrangea, pyracantha and roses.
Like many of us, Dickey loves the chartreuse-leafed spirea Ogon, sometimes sold as Mellow Yellow.
CUT BACK SHRUBS While they're dormant, prune summer-flowering shrubs that bloom on new wood, including some butterfly bushes, crape myrtle, some hydrangeas, and spirea.