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in the shape of a coil

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A crystal ball sprouts spiraling, labyrinthine passages.
And here's a memory of my own: At the opening of the Museum of Modern Art's 1973 Duchamp show, I was standing in front of the spiraling Rotary Demisphere (Precision Optics) of 1925 with a group of artists, among them Serra, who remarked somewhat sadly that, after all this time, the work seemed rather "lightweight.
As shown in Figure 1, we propose a three-tiered approach to spiraling in new technology that will enable requirements and acquisition proponents to respond to rapid changes in technology and the ability of threats to adapt inside our traditional materiel acquisition cycles.
MALIBU - Two small planes collided off Malibu on Sunday before spiraling into the surf, officials said.
My first impression was that stuff must be spiraling inward," she says.