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a breathing orifice

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"The Donaldson DMF muffler, combined with the Spiracle crankcase filter system, is a broadly applicable, cost effective-solution for reducing particulate matter emissions."
Spiracle contraction rates gradually increased from an initial rate of 5-15 bit/min to 25-28 bit/min for B.brachiurops specimens and to 35-38 bit/min for individuals of B.
These are classified as Type IV (acosmanura), with usually a single spiracle (opercular opening) on the left side.
Prothoracic spiracle cylindrical, 0.16 mm length (Fig.
For all know species of Hypochrysa and Kimochrysa, the spiracle opens on the membrane (Table 1); thus, it is consistent with the new synonymy.
19) with tergite I smooth with some setiferous punctures, with lateromedian longitudinal carinae very weak, in dorsal view present on anterior 0.2; tergite I in lateral view, with spiracle positioned anterior to centre, about 0.3 of way along; base with rather truncated lateral tooth, margin pointing laterally (Fig.
Since body size and spiracle size were correlated in both sexes, and spiracles and associated tracheal systems amplify high-frequency sound at the position of the hearing organ (Stumpner & Heller 1992, Michelsen 1998, Romer & Bailey 1998), the receivers' hearing sensitivity is thus also affected by body size in katydids.
Basically it's a be e's wings and part of its breathing apparatus, called spiracle s, whi ch contribute to the buzzing sound.
Spiracle I elongate, with fine peritreme and covered by wing thecae; spiracles II-IV ovate, prominent, with strongly selerotized peritreme; spiracle V-VIII closed.
announced that the California Environmental Protection Agency's Air Resources Board (CARB) has verified the company's diesel multistage filter (DMF) muffler system with or without the Donaldson Spiracle crankcase filter system for 1991-2002 model year diesel engines used in on-road applications operating on ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.
(He made all of his films as George Landow, not changing his name to Owen Land until the early '80s, when he was no longer active as a filmmaker.) At seventeen, Robert Beavers completed Spiracle (1966), which he showed a year later at the Experimental Film Competition in Knokke-le-Zoute, Belgium.
to provide emission reduction equipment, including the company's diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and spiracle closed crankcase ventilation filtration systems (CCV), and technical support to retrofit 22 school buses.
SPIRACLE A Breathing hole B Taproot C Long-winded preacher who am I?