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an early spinning machine with multiple spindles

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The history of the spinning jenny (a machine that allows one person to spin multiple spools of thread at once) illustrates Allen's point.
You may as well win gold for expertly operating a spinning jenny, driving a steam train or Uring boulders from a giant catapult at the stout walls of a rival Lord's castle.
The producers of Spinning Jenny use real locations and amateur actors.
And Spinning Jenny clothe a world running off like thieves
1779--Spinning mule combines spinning jenny with water frame.
Did Eli Whitney invent the spinning jenny or the cotton gin?
1778: James Hargreaves, British inventor of the spinning jenny.
Some aren't really books at all - like William Wilberforce's famous 1789 speech condemning slavery or the patent specification for Arkwright's Spinning Jenny.
* In high schools they teach the history of the Industrial Revolution--the invention of the steam engine, the Spinning Jenny, water-powered looms, and so forth.
Ben Miller's fictions, poems and essays have appeared in many publications, and new work can be found in The Little Magazine, McSweeney's, Quarter After Eight, First Intensity, Other Voices, Seneca Review, VOLT, Spinning Jenny, and American Letters.
The initial use of both the spinning jenny and the carding machine in the domestic setting resulted in "the golden age' of the small rural manufacturer." Only when those innovations were bought into the larger factory setting did they lead to a situation where the cheap labor of women (and children) was massively exploited.
1778) invented the spinning jenny that replicated the actions of the hand-spinner.
From 1811 to 1812, disaffected artisans and redundants destroyed a thousand mills in the Nottingham area alone--as if, by breaking a spinning jenny, a shearing frame or a power loom, they could stop "progress" in its technological tracks.
Hargreaves refines "spinning jenny"; Watt invents steam engine
In another room, a guide demonstrates spinning by spindle and spinning wheels, and clearly shows why and how new technology (the spinning jenny, water frame, spinning mule) was needed to supply fabrics for an expanding population.