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Free tickets on offer this week include The Woman in Black, a spine-chilling ghost story starring Peter Bramhill at Theatre Royal, Comic to Comic a one man show by Simon Donald which celebrates 30 years of Viz at the Live Theatre, and balletLORENT new trilogy about the ups and downs of a relationship after childbirth on at the Northern Stage.
What this case revealed was spine-chilling,'' Durno said.
The rolypoly Scot is famous around the world as bearded half-giant Hagrid in Harry Potter and now he's the spine-chilling Gruffalo.
The 175-year-old concert hall will come to life with the cinematic tale of mystery, horror and romance alongside a spine-chilling improvised soundtrack by celebrated organist Nigel Ogden.
Despite all the fame which followed his spine-chilling roles, Karloff longed to take off the mask of Frankenstein and onetime switched from horror films to telling bedtime stories to children in his New York radio show.
In keeping with its well-received production of Dracula--choreographed by Wes Chapman and Roger Van Fleteren--the company opens its 27th anniversary season with another spine-chilling story on pointe, Dr.
Gaiman has a true gift for narrative and a delightfully light touch, and there are humorous details along with spine-chilling ones.
A slow but classy ghost story with spine-chilling moments.
Early European settlers named the feisty marsupial the devil for its spine-chilling screeches, dark appearance and reputed bad temper which, along with its steeltrap jaw, made it appear incredibly fierce.
But a new documentary is set to unveil the spine-chilling truth about the brutal murder of the real-life Colleen Bawn in an Irish lake in 1819.
Duma Key is part redemption tale, part art scene novel and part spine-chilling ghost story.
Stephen King's continued success at churning out tales of spine-chilling horror relies on his ability to begin with everyday characters and ordinary situ ations.
The Canyon Theatre Guild in Newhall offers two spine-chilling shows - ``The Canterville Ghost'' (pictured) and ``Sleuth.
Of all the strands of current architecture, high tech seems most appropriate to a progressive university' is one of his more spine-chilling remarks in this context.
What CEO didn't envision himself giving the corporate equivalent of the "we happy few, we band of brothers" speech Sir Larry gave with spine-chilling conviction on the eve of the fateful day of Agincourt?