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Synonyms for spindly

Synonyms for spindly

tall, thin, and awkwardly built

Synonyms for spindly

long and lean


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With their spindly legs and carefree manner the computer generated images are engaging characters placed on a blue background for maximum effect.
* On blueberry bushes, prune as you would roses: Thin out old, spindly canes, keeping four to six new green canes, and cut those down to 7 inches tall.
An ambitious Brit indie that doesn't quite meet the expectations it raises, "Eliminate: Archie Cookson" starts as a droll sad-sack spin on spy spoofery, but by the end has shifted from comedy toward a dramatic heft its spindly legs can't support.
Long, loose, spindly, green stalks with their few leaves,
spindly rail, swaying towards me, waiting two steps below.
Completing the spindly structure, visible for miles (kilometers) around, would give Emaar Properties and its hometown Dubai a significant public relations boost at a time when both are reeling.
THIS tall perennial which bears clusters of purple flowers on spindly, self-supporting stems has been appearing in show gardens all over the country in recent years, as designers plant it peeping through tall grasses and in a variety of mixed plantings.
Personally speaking, there's not enough money in the world that would make me want to rub up against something so poisonous and revolting with horrible spindly legs.
Tim Melling, from the RSPB in Northern England, said: "Blackwinged stilts have extraordinarily long, spindly pink legs and even at one-day old they are abnormally long."
It's hard to see anyone thwarting the spindly Dane a third successive year, especially with Christophe Moreau likely to have yellow on his mind following his Dauphine Libere win.
I planted seeds / in several places till the spindly gorse // bore crimson flowers all around its own / in yellow, then collapsed in black.
The globular body and eight long spindly legs measure nearly 9 feet high and more than 27 feet wide.
Like most neurons in the central nervous system, those that form the bundle that connects each eye to the brain don't regrow their long, spindly axons, which carry electrical signals, if they become injured.
They become spindly, with lots of stem and small leaves.
The biomass system will burn about 600 tons of wood chips, spindly trees and fibrous organic debris a year to boil water for steam heating in school buildings.