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clear liquid produced in the ventricles of the brain

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Hafizabad police lodged two separate cases on Wednesday on the complaints of a woman and man whose daughter and wife, respectively, were among the victims whose spinal fluid had been tapped by the suspects unwittingly.
The gang was busted on Monday after reports surfaced that it had illegally extracted spinal fluid from unwilling women under the pretext of a 'medical check-up'.
Earlier on Wednesday, two prime suspects involved in extracting and selling spinal fluid of girls in Hafizabad have been shifted to Lahore, where they underwent a polygraph test.
Perhaps it will result in full disclosure from the suspects but if it does not the authorities are expected to find out if there were more victims and uncover the real purpose of collecting spinal fluid from the women.
However, not everyone with sleep problems had abnormalities in their spinal fluid.
Not everyone with sleep problems in the study had abnormalities in their spinal fluid, the researchers pointed out.
The company has proven that such injections into the spinal fluid help disperse the cells throughout the central nervous system.
These serious bacterial infections included urinary tract infections, brain or spinal fluid infections (bacterial meningitis) and blood infections (bacteremia), all of which are typically diagnosed by growing bacteria from samples of body fluids.
Among the suicide patients the researchers tested however, the production of the acids in the plasma and spinal fluid are unstable.
Researchers previously identified a few biomarkers--measurable substances in the body that signal the presence of a specific condition or disease--that show up in the blood and spinal fluid of people with MS.
The researchers found that people who have higher pulse pressure are more likely to have the Alzheimer's biomarkers amyloid-beta, or plaques, and p-tau protein, or tangles, in their cerebral spinal fluid than those with lower pulse pressure.
Barrow will provide patient care, as well as collect blood and spinal fluid samples, which will be analysed by TGen.
Washington, Nov 14 ( ANI ): A new study has revealed that middle ages people who have a high blood pressure measure called pulse pressure are more likely to have biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease in their spinal fluid than those with lower pulse pressure.
One such study, published in the January 2012 issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry, reports that changes in the levels of specific proteins found in spinal fluid can determine which patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) are more likely to develop AD.
The researchers tested spinal fluid from patients with MS, healthy people, and those with similar neurological disorders.