spinal fluid

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clear liquid produced in the ventricles of the brain

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The paper published by the team shows how the team used its machine learning model to identify a set of proteins in blood that can predict the concentration of amyloid-beta in spinal fluid.
Earlier on Wednesday, two prime suspects involved in extracting and selling spinal fluid of girls in Hafizabad have been shifted to Lahore, where they underwent a polygraph test.
Hafizabad police lodged two separate cases on Wednesday on the complaints of a woman and man whose daughter and wife, respectively, were among the victims whose spinal fluid had been tapped by the suspects unwittingly.
The gang was busted on Monday after reports surfaced that it had illegally extracted spinal fluid from unwilling women under the pretext of a 'medical check-up'.
It is perhaps too early to tell whether the bizarre extraction of spinal fluid from 15 women in Hafizabad and Gujranwala is part of a bigger, darker scandal affecting more people or not.
This particularly including signs of amyloid, Tau and brain cell damage or inflammation in their spinal fluid which hints at increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.
The complications associated with lumbar drains include headache, bleeding, infection, retained catheter fragments, hematoma, radiculopathy, and excessive spinal fluid drainage.
Scientists conducted spinal fluid tests on 101 people with an average age of 63 who had a family history of Alzheimer's or carried a gene linked to the condition.
Other research has found that people with depression or suicidal ideation often have elevated levels of inflammatory chemicals in their blood, brain, and spinal fluid. Researcher are investigating whether adding anti-inflammatory drugs to antidepressant treatment might help reduce the risk of suicide among patients with a history of serious infection.
The experimental treatment worked by dripping genetically modified T cells, designed to attack and kill cancerous cells, into a small region of the brain where spinal fluid is made.
The injection of the cells will be performed by means of a standard injection into the spinal fluid, a standard procedure performed routinely in hospitals worldwide.
Low cerebrospinal fluid pressure headache is caused by an internal spinal fluid leak.
Her goal is to synthesize a vaccine from their brain matter and spinal fluid before the fungus becomes airborne.
With additional research, the new technique could be an improvement over the standard method, which requires isolating live bacteria from blood, urine or spinal fluid and growing them in a laboratory culture.