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localized necrosis resulting from obstruction of the blood supply

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The purpose of this case report is to heighten awareness of spinal cord infarction since the main predictors of long term outcome are the neurological state and duration of symptoms at time of diagnosis.
Eggs lodged in the spinal cord can cause a myriad of signs: paraparesis or paraplegy, cauda equina syndrome, spinal cord infarction or transverse myelitis, and vesical disturbance (5).
Spinal cord infarction (SC infarction), or spinal cord stroke, is a rare form of non-traumatic incomplete spinal cord lesion, accounting for 1-1.
Chapters on specific conditions demonstrate the use of imaging in cardiac embolism, intracranial atherosclerotic disease, small vessel disease, spinal cord infarction, intraparenchymal hemorrhages, vascular anomalies of the brain, and cerebral venous thrombosis.
The researcher further points out that the disruption of blood flow leads to spinal cord infarction, the disruption of the blood-spinal cord injury barrier, swelling and the release of molecules influencing spinal cord perfusion and ischemia, a restriction in blood supply.
These clinical features may resemble those of epidural neoplasia, transverse myelitis, dissecting aortic aneurysm, congenital cysts, spondylitis, epidural abscess, vertebral fractures, spinal cord infarction, and acutely ruptured disc.
In rare cases, patients can experience severe back pain, paresthesia, leg numbness, cortical blindness, and spinal cord infarction.
Rarely, patients have severe back pain, paresthesia, leg numbness, cortical blindness, and spinal cord infarction.
Despite 20 years of practice in Level I trauma centers, he had never seen or heard of a case where cocaine or alcohol caused a spinal cord infarction 52 hours after the last injection of the drug.
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