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a major part of the central nervous system which conducts sensory and motor nerve impulses to and from the brain

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Companies mentioned in this spinal cord injury market pipeline report include Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.
To address this issue, Medtronic Australasia is updating the IFUs for the affected devices to include specific information regarding the potential for a mass to form around a device lead, which could lead to spinal cord compression.
The investigators said that even when taking into account injury severity and other illnesses experienced by the patients, older adults with traumatic spinal cord injury are four times more likely to die in the emergency room from such an injury compared to younger adults.
For example, road traffic crashes are the main contributor to spinal cord injury in the African Region (nearly 70 per cent of cases) and the Western Pacific Region (55 per cent of cases), while falls are the leading cause in the South-East Asia and Eastern Mediterranean Regions (40 per cent).
Caption: Deputy Chairman of the MVA Fund, Clive Kavendjii officially opened the first Spinal Cord Injury Unit at a State Hospital, late last week.
Lauderdale, was established by Frank Toral and his wife Olivia, after witnessing the need for more resources and support by victims suffering from traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.
Decimo's team microdissected samples of spinal cord meninges, revealing that the cells contain crucial stem cell properties.
When researchers injected the chemically synthesized molecular substance into the spinal cords of laboratory rats with spinal cord injury using a procedure similar to a spinal tap, there was an overall improvement in tissue healing and recovery.
The reason you react so fast is because of a spinal reflex: your finger tells your spinal cord that it is getting burned and your spinal cord tells your finger to move.
Finally, two articles address one of the significant weaknesses of the International Standards for the Neurological Classification of Spinal Cord Injury--the inability to document remaining autonomic functions.
CALABASAS - Organizers of the 18th annual Tom Hollenstein Golf Invitational Tournament, which raises money for research on paralysis, praised actor Christopher Reeve on Monday for his tireless efforts to promote research into spinal cord injuries.
Biologists have revealed that there is a fluid called the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that flows within and around the brain and spinal cord and nourishes, protects, and controls electrolytes.
In this particular experiment, one of Snyder's colleagues, Erin Lavik, now at Yale University, designed a polymer scaffold to emulate the microstructures in spinal cord.
The two cases of spinal cord pathologic findings published to date demonstrated focal loss of anterior-horn neurons (2,3).
Urological Aspects of Rehabilitations in Spinal Cord Injuries," Journal of the American Medical Association (May 19, 1951), 225; and idem, Spinal Cord Injuries, Technical Information Bulletin, TB 10-503, December 15, 1948 (Washington, D.