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Synonyms for spile

a column of wood or steel or concrete that is driven into the ground to provide support for a structure

a plug used to close a hole in a barrel or flask

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You'll need a spile for every tap hole and a way to collect the sap.
Members of the One Life Racing triathlon club, which caters for children as well as adults, took part in sprint races between the County Hotel and the Tap and Spile pub, before the arrival of the tour.
Barrett gave each of the children attending the museum's sugaring program a bag with a spile (a tap) and a coupon for 10 percent off any of the store's sugaring supplies.
If you don't know how to use a spile, or even what a spile is, then the Maple Sugar Days at River Bend Farm is the place to learn.
Its people are aching to progress, in spile of the ghosts of ideology and circumstance.
The moulds are formed at bottom with an aperture, which is threaded, and which is closed by a pointed metal spile which rises a slight distance inside the mould, and forms a hole in the head of the loaf of sugar; the spile terminates inside the mould in a button, on which a washer rests to make a tight joint.
You drill a hole and place a spile in it to work as a tiny faucet.
He and his friends went to a pub just off Broad Street, possibly the Tap and Spile in Gas Street.
Surrounded by jugs of syrup, clouds of steam rolling off a vat, and the curious throngs of visitors who inspect yellowed news clippings that paper the walls from festivals past, it's hard to imagine that much has changed since shiny machines replaced bucket and wooden spile.
JACK MERRY is selling deep fried battered Cadbury Creme Eggs at his Tap and Spile pub in York.
Into this hole, tap in the spile with a wooden mallet.
The first division of the race went to the Pat Eddery partnered Indian Solitaire who proved a length and a half too tough for Celtic Spile much to the delight of part owner Bill Hinge as he admitted having a "substantial bet".
The swaggering Oasis frontman asked staff at the Tap and Spile pub for a pint of HEROIN.
We're proud of our rugs," says president and founder member Mike Colwill, 28, who will be joining nearly 100 other fans for the club's ninth Annual General Meeting today at the Tap And Spile pub in Plymouth.
Punters at the Tap and Spile in Guisborough will soon be able to pay for their pints using the digital currency - and its landlord says its partly because they don't take card payments.