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a small sharp-pointed tip resembling a spike on a stem or leaf

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Variance analysis for the variable "bulk spikelet sterility" detected as significant the triple interaction among genotype x temperature x thermic stress/control, indicating that each genotype responded differently to the temperature variation and the imposition of the thermic stress (Table 1).
There was a larger phenotypic negative correlation between the sterile spikelets and drought resistance index, and the genetic correlation between them was more significant, with larger environmental correlation.
In other species, due to lack of development of axillary buds, the inflorescence is reduced to a single spikelet (Fig.
Additionally, the precocity of the most productive genotypes under water stress conditions was associated with lower spikelet sterility because the correlation coefficient between these variables was 0.
Based on pollen and spikelet fertility, the lines were classified into effective restorers (R), partial restorers (PR), partial restorers (PM), and maintainers (M).
Relationship between dry weight and spikelet number of each tiller at heading in rice plants.
To determine the number of weevils per spikelet on the male inflorescence during the anthesis period, samples were taken at 11:00, and 6 complete spikelets were subjected to stratified sampling each from 6 sections of the male inflorescence.
All of the spikelets of the new sorghum plant develop into flowers and produce mature seeds, thereby significantly increasing seed production and yield in comparison to conventional sorghum.
Preflowering abortion reduces spikelet number in upland rice (Oryza sativa L.
Both species possess the same type of pubescence on the spikelet bracts, which consists of brown, capitate or clavate hairs.
They were beige, finely lined husks, their line set by a dark spikelet, more like a stiffened flagellum than a thorn.
An ultrastructural description of the leaf blade, ligule, auricles, spikelet and caryopsis, with an emphasis on structures of taxonomic value.