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having a long sharp point

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She said: "My friend, who's 20, was spiked while on a night out in Glasgow.
Alongside the rapid expansion of computer technology beginning in the 1990s, many studies on numerical simulations and solutions have allowed for a remarkable level of understanding with regards to spiked blunt bodies.
Spike recovery (percent) was calculated as the amount recovered in the spiked impinger set minus the amount recovered in the nonspiked impinger set (the matched sample after adjusting for any airflow differences) divided by the amount in the spike.
As part of its current Operation Christmas Presence campaign, officers say although incidents of drink spiking are very rare across Worcestershire, each year across the country people die or are seriously hurt as a result of their drink being spiked.
Emily Sutton, an Italian and French student in Swansea, claimed she was left to fend for herself at a pub in the centre of Swansea recently after complaining her drink had been spiked.
None of the five victims, including men and women, have ever been attacked or robbed, although women elsewhere have been raped after having their drinks spiked.
The media cartel spiked and smothered many of the important revelations and facts contained in the numerous congressional reports about Communist activities in the U.S.
The TV analyst states that A should have spiked the ball.
Last year in the Temagami dispute, trees were spiked and forestry equipment vandalized or burned.
PUBGOERS found their drinks were "spiked" last weekend as part of a high-profile police campaign to warn people about the danger of leaving glasses unattended in pubs.
Gwent Police revealed that since its 'Spiked' campaign to highlight the problem of sedatives being placed in drinks began early last month, they have had seven incidents.