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Since the spill occurred, two plant species, cattail (Typha latifolia) and spike rush (Eleocharis tuberculosa), have colonized the area.
Rhizosphere (roots and soil adhering to the roots) and non-rhizosphere (soil shaken from the roots) soil samples of cattail and spike rush were removed from 20 by 20 cm plots randomly selected at least 30 m within the contaminated field and placed in plastic bags at 4[degrees]C for transport and storage.
The advent of "swimbaits" that double as soft-plastic buzzbaits gave us a terrific advantage in heavy cover such as hydrilla, bonnets or thick spike rush. Gambler's Flappn' Shad, a soft-plastic swim/buzzbait with a big, flat paddle tail, was on the vanguard of this type of bait, and remains one of the best topwater soft plastics.
Cimbaro recommends bulrush, spike rush, pickerel weed and arrowhead.
Up there you can look down to the bottom of holes in hydrilla and spike rush, within a 20-yard radius.
Low water allowed marsh vegetation such as spike rush, bulrushes and eel grass to return.
Cattails, water plantain, spike rushes and wapato are among the native plants that are springing back to life this year.