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a very high narrow heel on women's shoes

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Black clutch bag, pounds 20, Dorothy Perkins Spike heel shoes, pounds 130, Jeffrey Campbell @ Office Bangles stack, pounds 13, River Island Trousers, pounds 35.
her silver spike heels, and get that damn leather thong out of her ass.
Thank goodness for the woman's quick thinking, spike heels, and a man who knows that he must confront another man's violence.
Spike heels have mostly supplanted platforms ever since.
For that matter, neither are sneakers, spike heels nor white socks.
Kids bring in dirt and gravel, and spike heels can put a hole in soft vinyl:' Londress says.
And watching her nearly self-destruct in spike heels during Bernadette's number ``Hey Einstein'' is a comic feast.
SheOs one of the few characters who looks like her clothes didnOt come from Albert Square market, and with her tumbling mane of ringlets and spike heels she looks more West End than East End.
Wielding some kind of futuristic gadget, this prototypical office worker was ultra-thin and wore several-inch spike heels as she sat in a transparent chair with a subtle yet distinct resemblance to a martini glass.
Seven stories down, a blowsy set of curls is teetering through the hot June day on spike heels that, step by step, appear below a sidewalk-length fake-leopard coat.
It is also the name that French photographer Kader Attia has given to his color-slide installation about the lives of these several hundred "creatures" (as they call themselves) who have left Algeria under threat of murder, made their way clandestinely into France, and, for lack of working papers, "landed" on the sidewalks of the boulevard Ney in their wigs, miniskirts, and spike heels.
A woman in tight leather pants and open jacket, spike heels and Night Porter cap played ringmistress to this bizarre dressage.
From spike heels, to tractor-tread soles and platforms, the season's key trends are represented, each with Chloe's signature green soles.
Try this little number from Aftershock, with Topshop's super-shiny, spike heels, to get her look.
Much more, in fact, than a 6,000-pound elephant-which explains why elephants can walk on grass but women in spike heels can't without sinking into the ground.