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(ethnic slur) offensive term for persons of Latin American descent

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Because of the amount of the loan, the application has to go to our board of directors," Spik said during a telephone interview.
Organizational Citizenship behavior was assessed with Organizational Citizenship Behavior Questionnaire (OCBQ, Spik, 2014).
Aleksandra Spik, PhD, is a lecturer at University of Warsaw, Faculty of Management.
In 2006, Nordic chef Laila Spik published How To Cook A Reindeer.
Jean White has realised a dream and set up her first business called Spik & Span, which offers a domestic cleaning and ironing service, at the age of 49.
Mrs White, who worked as a sewing machinist for 19 years before establishing Spik & Span, said: "Most people don't enjoy cleaning but I find it really satisfying and enjoyable and decided that the timing was right to start my own business.
Never a truer word was said and the Scots fans would have agreed as they set off down the hill for a big plate of grind og spik, a favourite dish in the Faroe Islands.