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Synonyms for spiffy

marked by up-to-dateness in dress and manners

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Made by Spiffy Dog Pet Products LLC, Steamboat Springs, (970) 870-6164, www.
But everyone's tastes are so different and everyone's ideas about what is spiffy are so incredibly different.
Try the spiffy 30-room Aventura Mexicana Hotel (Avenida 10 at Calle 22, Playa del Carmen; 011-52-984-873-1876), a gay-owned lodge near the beach with a poolside restaurant under a thatched roof, two Jacuzzis, and rooms starting at just $44.
Ailey had fully experienced the thrill that ripples through a Broadway theater when a line of spiffy dancers sashays in unison towards the edge of the stage.
With only two employees trying to keep 100 buildings and 700 acres of property looking spiffy, no one sniped when Portland (Ore.
What brought together Kostas, me, and The Digger was my wife's and my decision to tear out the rapidly falling old fence and rip out a dilapidated metal shed and then replace the aforementioned with a sturdy new fence and a spiffy little Rubbermaid shed.
He challenges presenters to differentiate between the subject and the message, For instance, your subject might be "How to Make a Staff Newsletter Look Spiffy," Your message, though, might be that "unless the current newsletter gets an extreme makeover, no one will read it and, thus, a vital internal communication tool will become fish wrap.
More than 800 wines and 200 wineries competed for top honors, not to mention spiffy custom-made trophy saddles and belt buckles.
The map, which replaces a 12-year-old predecessor that was not nearly as spiffy or informative, was distributed for the first time Friday at the Eugene Celebration.
In this case, the humble broom and dustpan have undergone a spiffy upgrade.
2 APPLE IN THE APPLE Even if you're not in the market for a computer, the spiffy design of the new Apple store makes a visit to SoHo worthwhile.
I once had some spiffy blue-on-silver pressure sensitive seals made for this purpose.
photo spread by Marie Cosindas and a spiffy 331/3 floppy vinyl record by Laurie Anderson.
It embodies one of the assumptions of some electronic publishers: Facts don't matter if the interface is spiffy.
A local business provided a professional paint job for a few of the newer bikes, and as funds are needed, these spiffy bikes are raffled off to raise money for the ugly ones.