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attractiveness in appearance or dress or manner

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The actual value of a spiff payment tends to track closely the price of the software title that is being sold; we found reports of spiffs as little as 50^ and as high as $50.
To avoid the downside, major bedding specialty retailer Slumberland, "regu- lates spiffs and contests more than some retailers do," noted bedding buyer, Dan Murphy.
Many spiffs come out of our advertising funds and indirectly are funded by our company.
Sales Incentive Programs: Spiffs, rebates and prizes throughout the year.
All reports/views can be filtered based on the MHL, time frames, stores and attributes (color, vendor, size, fabric, collar styles, spiffs, % off and body styles).
Manufacturers have the ability to alert VARs to new products, product collateral and training, as well as to SPIFFs and promotions when the VAR is working on a task relevant to the information.
com, eligibility to participate in FCPA sales incentive programs for spiffs, rebates and prizes, as well as delivery of FCPA's VAR Force channel newsletter.