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Synonyms for spick

(ethnic slur) offensive term for persons of Latin American descent

completely neat and clean

References in classic literature ?
The Emperor of Russia would be thankful to be able to pay fifty thousand a year to one of these amiable constitutional poodles, so gentle, so nicely curled, so caressing, so docile, always spick and span,-- careful watch-dogs besides, and faithful to a degree!
In Britain's most house-proud city, Birmingham, 80 per cent of householders claimed their home is always spick and span.
Are Mum or Dad starting to struggle to keep the house spick and span?
Now it looks spick and span on land near the Bramford pub at the junction of Parkes Hall Lane and Tipton Road.
Schoolchildren can download free posters to put up in their classrooms, one proclaiming: "Spick and span, Ma'am." And they also get a certificate for taking part in events.
North Tyneside Council has spent PS200,000 on the machines in an effort to keep the borough spick and span.
Me Mam's next door at Auntie May at number ten, Wor coonsil hoose is spick and span, there's neewhere else te gaan, So Geordie surrendered, he knew when he was beat, And stayed put in the poshest coonsil hoose in the street!
The roads, however, where you are unlikely to see any pedestrians, are spick and span.
An eighty-eight-year-old has been praised after devoting more than six decades of his life to keeping his community spick and span.
Rawalpindi -- The tall claims made by Waste management Company of making the city spick and span stand exposed in Union Council 40, which has become a virtual garbage dump.
Titles such as Spick, Span and Beautiful Britons may have long gone, replaced by more racy material, but their memory lingeries on.
We can even inspire you to give your home a facelift with some value-for-money finishing touches so it's spick and span for the spring.
VOLUNTEERS are needed to make sure the Tour de France T route is spick and span for the cameras when the race comes past on July 6.
We were not only allowed to take our .303 rifles home (no ammunition mind!) but also our 12-inch bayonettes with the object of keeping them spick and span for the next parade.
They'll have it spick and span faster than you can say "Kim and Aggie".