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a pressure gauge for measuring blood pressure

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The effect of clothes on sphygmomanometric blood pressure measurement in hypertensive patients.
The appropriate sized cuff was placed around the nondominant arm and 3 consecutive blood pressure determinations were recorded along with sphygmomanometric measurements to verify that there was no difference greater than 5 mmHg on the average of the 2 sets of values.
Webel, "Formula and nomogram for the sphygmomanometric calculation of the mean arterial pressure," Heart, vol.
The BP was recorded by sphygmomanometric method in supine position (JNC 7 Criteria) in the right arm to the nearest 2 mm Hg using the mercury sphygmomanometer (Diamond Deluxe; Industrial Electronic and Products, Electronic Co-op.
During the test, blood pressure was determined noninvasively using the SunTech 4240 (SunTech Medical, Inc., Morrisville, NC) automated sphygmomanometric device which measures blood pressure by gating the R-wave with the Korotkoff sounds.