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a pressure gauge for measuring blood pressure

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No similar illnesses were reported; however, the owner reported purchasing a sphygmomanometer at an antique auction and placing it in the children's play area in early July, with the intention of providing a realistic experience for learning.
KEY WORDS: Blood pressure, Blood pressure measurement, Clothes, Health professionals, Sphygmomanometer.
In this study, we assessed the accuracy of the automated non-invasive blood pressure monitor in comparison with standard manual auscultatory method using a sphygmomanometer in patients coming for pre-anaesthetic checkups.
Heart rhythm should be evaluated while measuring BP with traditional sphygmomanometers, while this information may be lost with automatic devices, therefore the use of automatic devices with algorithms which can detect possible AF is an appealing choice.
The sphygmomanometer will provide you with a reading of two number scores.
Geoffrey Kaye and his colleagues addressed the problem in their textbook, Anaesthetic Methods: "More usually the information is collected by means of a stethoscope strapped over the brachial artery at the elbow, and of a sphygmomanometer with long tubes.
A Several devices are available that measure blood pressure in your upper arm, wrist or finger, including older mercury and aneroid sphygmomanometers and newer digital monitors.
For sphygmomanometers, part of the calibration process ensures that the measurements begin from zero.
These changes are driving the demand for sphygmomanometer devices and, in particular, digital units within the home use market.
In 2005, CA, NY, MA, and MT have taken the initiative a step further, introducing legislation that also prohibits the sale or distribution the following common hospital devices if they contain mercury: sphygmomanometer, barometer, esophageal dilator, bougie tube, gastrointestinal tube, flow meter, hydrometer, psychometer, manometer, and pyrometer.
Blood pressure was measured three times at 5-minute intervals during a single visit, using a mercury sphygmomanometer.
Blood pressure was measured three times at 5-minute intervals in a single visit, using a mercury sphygmomanometer.
I do know what a sphygmomanometer is, but I don't know how it works and what it does.
When a doctor or paramedic takes your blood pressure today, they'll use a blood-pressure cuff, or sphygmomanometer (sfig-mo-man-AH-met-er) and a stethoscope.
I'm still in love, but my blood pressure would bust any sphygmomanometer with which it came in contact.