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butterfly-shaped bone at the base of the skull

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The sphenoidal sinus septum is a significant surgical landmark when endoscopic endonasal transsphenoidal approaches are performed, as it may attach to crucial structures such as the optic canal and internal carotid artery (Chong et al., 1998; Unal et al., 2006; Idowu et al., 2009; Kapur et al.; Awadalla et al., 2015).
Relevant past Diagnostic testing Interventions medical history (including dates) and interventions Functional * Debridement of the endoscopic sinus slough and dead surgery (FESS) 19/ tissue of the 5/2015 sphenoidal sinus, periorbita and septum mucosa.
Darouassi Y, Righini CA, Reyt E, "Mucoceles of the sphenoidal sinus: a report of four cases and review of the literature," B-ENT 2005; 1(1): 181-85.
The anterior compartment thus formed is known as sphenoidal emissary foramen.
Computed tomography (CT) scanning revealed soft-tissue density neoplasms filling the sphenoidal sinus (Figure 1).
A foreign body in the sinuses is a potential source of infection.[sup][1] As this region is adjacent to the optic nerves, cavernous sinus, the ICA, and other critical structures in the skull base, sphenoid sinusitis caused by a foreign body may lead to serious consequences.[sup][19],[20] Therefore, any sphenoidal sinus foreign body should be completely removed.
Caption: FIGURE 3: MR imaging of the cranium with bilateral mastoiditis (blue arrow) and sphenoidal sinus with air-fluid level (red arrow).
Besides Heubner's artery (RAH), a large side branch of the left anterior cerebral artery and sphenoidal part (M1) of paired middle cerebral arteries are also marked.
A repeat CT scan after 6-weeks of antibiotic and antifungal therapy still showed mucosal thickening and a small fluid level in the left maxillary sinus, extensive opacification of sphenoidal sinus and a small bone discontinuity of the intersphenoidal sinus.
The locations of tumors were as follows: Convexity = 9; falcine/parasagittal = 11; sphenoidal ridge = 6; foramen magnum = 1.
[2] The ethmoidal and sphenoidal sinuses are usually the loci of the infection, which in immunocompromised individuals, runs a fulminant course unlike the insidious onset in healthy patients.
Tartisma metninde ise, -izin verilirse bu kismi ozgun haliyle aktarmak isterim- "In our series, there was only one maxillary sinus mucocele but no sphenoidal sinus mucocele" ifadesi yeraliyor.
Breathnach [3] states that a projection, more or less prominent on the posterior edge of the lateral pterygoid plate, a little way down, may mark the anterior attachment of a "pterygospinous" ligament extending to the base of the sphenoidal spine.