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a) Normal eupyrene spermatozoon; (b) abnormal eupyrene spermatozoon.
A recent meta-analysis suggested that, compared with overnight coincubation, a short period of spermatozoon and oocyte coincubation provides more satisfactory IVF outcomes [21].
In general, the teleost spermatozoon is anacrosomal, has a head with a small ovoid or spherical nucleus, and a short midpiece containing one or few mitochondria (Fig.
The value is obtained from the direct observation of three dimensional component of the flagellar movement of spermatozoon held by its head with a micropipette.
The Spermatozoon of the African Catfish: Fine Structure, Motility, Viability and Its Behaviour in Seminal Vesicle Secretion.
Describe how a spermatozoon and oocyte encounter each other in the female reproductive tract.
The final step in the process, termed spermiogenesis, is the conversion of the haploid spermand to a polarized, flagellated, motile spermatozoon, typically referred to as a sperm.
It appears that each spermatozoon possesses a short round head, few mitochondria and underdeveloped middle piece.
16) concluded that it is the effect of the oocyte rather than the spermatozoon that influences embryo quality.
Mitochondria increase in size and migrate to the basal pole, giving rise, along with the centriole, to the spermatozoon neck.
A reconstruction of a section of a mature spermatozoon is given in Fig.
The spermatozoon can easily pass through the 'net' that is formed by the condom.