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a white waxy substance from oil of the sperm whale

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But these Siberian hunters are alive during our time, and their quarry is the fur of a sable, rather than the spermaceti of a whale.
It is unclear if this preference applies to the entire genus, since Osedax japonicus Fujikura et al, 2006, has been reported to live on spermaceti, a waxy whale tissue (Fujikura et al, 2006: fig.
5 Technical blubber (secondary quality) 280 0 0 Spermaceti 1,000 522.
The original loading for the Burnside cartridge called for a dab of beeswax to seal the ignition hole at the base of the case thereby waterproofing it, 45 to 50 grains of black powder, a thin, paper, over-powder wad and a bit of lubricant made from one part spermaceti to two parts tallow applied over the paper wad, into the wedding band and to the shank of the bullet.
Those who thrived in consumer retail trade, such as Aaron Lopez of Newport, knew how to comport themselves with the necessary social graces and sold to their customers the gentility and respectability that they sought for themselves and which to some degree could now be had for purchase through goods like stylish textiles, Portuguese wine, tea, snuff, or spermaceti candles.
A Voyage to the South Atlantic and Round Cape Horn into the Pacific Ocean: For the Purpose of Extending the Spermaceti Whale Fisheries and Other Objects of Commerce, by Ascertaining the Ports, Bays, Harbours, and Anchoring Births [sic] in Certain Islands and Coasts in Those Seas at Which the Ships of the British Merchants Might Be Refitted.
Their most distinctive feature is their large, blunt heads, which contains spermaceti, a substance once used for ointments and candles.
Mr Palmer charged Drury Lane over 380 [pounds sterling] for his superior spermaceti candles, approximately one quarter of the overall lighting expenses for 1772 (London Stage Part 4 Appendix D; Drury Lane Theatre Journals 1771-72 ff.
Physician -extraordinary to Queen Charlotte, Sir George Gibbes (1771-1851), was ridiculed for his essay on the conversion of muscle into a substance resembling spermaceti wax.
Illegal spermaceti candles were made from sperm whale oil - spermaceti was also once used for cosmetics.
Tapersticks held thin candles, usually made of beeswax or spermaceti, that didn't give much light but were used principally for melting sealing wax.
It was the idea also, that this same spermaceti was that quickening humor of the Greenland Whale which the first syllable of the word literally expresses.
We established experimental plots in the low intertidal zone at two sites in the Raritan/Sandy Hook Bay system: Spermaceti Cove and at the eastern base of the Earle Naval Pier.
Nixon, when he applies knowledge of Michael Faraday's The Chemical History of a Candle (1860-1861) to an exegesis of Hopkins' sonnet "The Candle Indoors," in "'Vital candle in closed heart's vault': Energy, Optics, and Hopkins' Spermaceti Flame" (HQ 32, nos.
The congealed, waxy spermaceti in the whale's huge head helps him descend to these great depths.