sperm oil

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an animal oil found in the blubber of the sperm whale

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The museum's Andrew Kitchener said: "It's the smell of sperm oil which impregnates the bones.
Since man began to better form and shape metal by applying sperm oil by hand more than 200 years ago, the acceptance of new fluids and their application methods has changed little.
Shortly before the Civil War, the whaling industry declined because the demand for sperm oil lessened with the coming of the petroleum industry.
Both types were also refined and used for illumination: sperm oil in lighthouses, street lamps, and public buildings; whale oil for lamps in the home.
The real prices of whale oil and sperm oil rose, and the productivity of New Bedford whalers fell, during the years in which the fisheries expanded and were prosecuted most intensively, but when the industry contracted, real prices fell and productivity rose.