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a depository for storing sperm

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However, all that may now change with the setting up of the country's first Cyro-Preservation Unit or frozen sperm bank.
says: "The initial response from US clients to our new distribution company has been tremendous and with backing from the World's largest sperm bank we are positioned to provide a unique product of exceptional quality.
According to Dilip Patil, Managing Director, Cryos International Sperm Bank, lot of precaution is taken while selecting the donors, because preserving of samples is a very critical operation.
The Daily Telegraph quoted the sperm bank website as saying: "Have you ever wondered if your favourite donor looks like anyone famous?
In response to an ever-increasing demand from families for umbilical cord blood storage and stem cell and sperm bank services, California Cryobank (CCB), one of the oldest and largest reproductive tissue banks in the world, together with its subsidiaries, Family Cord Blood Services (FCBS), an umbilical cord blood processing and storage company, and California Cryobank Stem Cell Services (CCSCS), a leading provider of professional services to stem cell transplant centers and their patients, announced today their relocation to a company-owned, new, state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles.
Researchers studied 48 men who donated to a sperm bank in Los Angeles at least 10 times over two years.
Leland Traiman, owner of a sperm bank that caters to lesbians and gay men, says the regulations would essentially prevent gay men from being biological fathers.
They go to a sperm bank and race to see who can fill their cup first (when informed that each donor gets 60 bucks a pop, so to speak, Kimmel winsomely opines, ``I coulda bought a house'').
I once donated sperm to a sperm bank," the Sun quoted him as saying.
THE Israeli army is considering setting up a sperm bank for soldiers.
Terrific, I thought, just what I wanted to deal with--the experience of declaring I'm o lesbian, in the waiting room of a sperm bank.
The former Spice Girl, 30, recently claimed her man drought was so severe she'd have to visit a sperm bank if she wanted any more children.
Anne wrote the film, about a lesbian hoping to have a child through a sperm bank, in the hope that Ellen would want a family.
At the Berkeley-based Sperm Bank of California, for example, demand has increased about 20% in the past six months, says executive director Maura Riordan.
Women who are only able to achieve pregnancy through IVF using donor eggs and would have the opportunity obtain those eggs from an egg bank in much the same way that sterile males can obtain semen from a sperm bank.