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a depository for storing sperm

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One of the lesbian pair would inseminate herself with the sperms purchased at a sperm bank, get pregnant and have a baby.
We are trying to replenish our sperm bank and what would be better than having our very own indigenous Liverpudlians do that for us?
The National Sperm Bank (NSB), based at Birmingham Women's Hospital, said it could no longer afford to spend money recruiting new donors.
Visit the Sperm Bank Market - Global Donor Types, Artificial Methods and Organizations Analysis and Forecast 2013-2020 report http://www.
Last year, when Britain's first national sperm bank opened, only nine donors came forward in its maiden 12 months
The Midwest website courts all women, saying in its mission statement, "At Midwest Sperm Bank we work with heterosexual couples, lesbian couples, and single women of all races, religious and ethnic backgrounds .
Because she's suing the sperm bank for its life-changing, avoidable error, Cramblett is now known as that terrible racist lesbian who's so distressed by her mixed-race child that she's resorted to legal action.
The New York Post reports that the family blamed the sperm bank for his death and filed a lawsuit seeking $648,545 compensation.
costs associated with running a sperm bank, such as conducting health
Washington, Mar 2 ( ANI ): A man from Louisiana is suing a fertility clinic and his former girlfriend after the sperm bank handed over two vials of his sperm in a "paper lunch sack" to the woman who then conceived a child without his permission.
Data from sperm bank users show more still prefer anonymous donation; often fail to report pregnancies.
now 38, turned to the sperm bank with the purpose of starting a family.
Summary: The world's biggest sperm bank is rejecting donations from red-haired people because demand for red or fair-haired children is so low.
Here in Leeds we have not had access to a local sperm bank for some time, meaning couples have to rely on donors in other areas, who can be in short supply.