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Synonyms for spendthrift

Synonyms for spendthrift

a person who spends money or resources wastefully

characterized by excessive or imprudent spending

Synonyms for spendthrift

someone who spends money prodigally

recklessly wasteful

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The rulers, being aware that their power rests upon their wealth, refuse to curtail by law the extravagance of the spendthrift youth because they gain by their ruin; they take interest from them and buy up their estates and thus increase their own wealth and importance?
No, I never believed myself to be a hoarder; in fact, I knew only too well that I was a spendthrift.
Thus the bargain was closed, but many of the butchers talked among themselves of the Sheriff, saying that it was but a scurvy trick to beguile a poor spendthrift youth in this way.
BIRTHDAYS Alain Wertheimer (pictured) 69 jointowner of Goldikova & Solemia; Walter Blum 83 US Hall of Fame jockey; Cornelio Velasquez 49 rider of Pleasant Home & War Pass; B Wayne Hughes 84 owner of Spendthrift Farm; Kunihide Matsuda 67 trainer of Tanino Gimlet & King Kamehameha; Don Warren 66 trainer of Something Lucky & Acclamation; John O'Shea 48 trainer of Racing To Win & Foxwedge; Peter Innes 65 Jockey Club member; Ashley Farrant 46 champion point-to-point rider 2004; Declan Daly 53 trainer of Midris & Three Wrens; Sophie Leech 40 trainer of Silmi; Paul Cooper 62 founder of Race-A-Head; Jamie Piggott 24 former apprentice with Tommy Stack; Scott Burton 48 Racing Post reporter in France Please notify birthday greetings to us at least one week before publication
USA], Aug 17 (ANI): Dear husbands, if your wives are spendthrift then you may have to communicate about finances, especially early in marriage to avoid financial and marriage conflicts, warns a study.
Various states have enacted legislation allowing for the creation of self-settled spendthrift trusts in the last decade.
8DA YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Engross 9 Piety 10 Tithe 11 Edition 12 Rum 13 Frenzied 16 Prompter 17 Tea 19 Stopgap 21 Isaac 22 Adopt 23 Spangle DOWN: 1 Leotard 2 Egg-timer 3 Fore 4 Spritzer 5 Deli 6 Lying 8 Stereotypes 13 Fumigate 14 Estrange 15 Marched 18 Essay 20 Oboe 21 Ivan QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Sausage roll 8 Con 9 Aid 11 Outlast 12 Prime 13 Ali 14 Rep 15 Uplands 17 Toe 19 Each 21 Atom 23 Scar 25 Hero 27 Kid 29 Pleased 31 Tip 34 Got 36 Crust 37 Consume 38 Him 39 Lid 40 Spendthrift DOWN: 1 Soul 2 Anti 3 Shampoo 4 Gateau 5 Rapid 6 Lair 7 Lime 8 Coast 10 Depth 16 Sea 18 Ear 20 Ark 22 Top 24 Cleaner 25 Hitch 26 Mascot 28 Dated 30 Latin 32 Iris 33 Pump 34 Gulf 35 Omit
Nevada asset protection trusts allow for "self-settled" spendthrift trusts.
Of course it's difficult to know whether they're simply the most spendthrift band in the world but Lee follows Duncan James, Anthony Costa and Simon Webbe in the totally broke Blue member list.
I am more concerned that Scottish voters have moved from a spendthrift Labour Party to the spendthrift 'Scottish' party, which proves some consistency, even if still inconsistent with the traditional image of the frugal Scots.
Charles Tisdall of County Meath, 1740-51: From Spendthrift Youth to Improving Landlord
A radio ad was launched in Boston highlighting spendthrift Massachusetts hospital CEOs stashing millions in offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands and creating excessive compensation packages for themselves, reports Caribbean News Now (June 12, 2014).
This article explores discretionary and spendthrift trusts under the Florida Trust Code.
Come on Mr Pickles, get stuck into these spendthrift councils and get their hands out of our pockets for a change.
95), McNeal describes the trials and triumphs she experienced while turning from her spendthrift ways to live a frugal lifestyle.