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an orator who can hold his listeners spellbound

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Everybody loves a good spy story and the minute it was alleged--but never officially confirmed--that Canadian military secrets were being passed to the Russians, this saga had all the necessary ingredients to produce a James Bond spellbinder.
But this campaign has almost been a funeral procession for the old-fashioned spellbinder.
TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY Director Tomas Alfredson and his phenomenal cast tell a fiercely cerebral, meticulously paced spellbinder, masterfully compacted from le Carre's sprawling novel.
It will be made into a series under the book''s US title, Spellbinder.
Former Wall Street Journal Europe editor and current Atlantic Council President, Frederick Kempe, has written a spellbinder in his recently published Berlin 1961.
Mickey's magic show's a spellbinder ENJOY a touch of Disney enchantment as Mickey Mouse brings his amazing new show to the Midlands.
Declan's Moon (Victor Espinoza riding) will start from post 3 and face veterans Preachinatthebar (Jon Court), the field's top earner at $796,907; Dixie Meister (David Flores), winner of the Californian last June; Buckland Manor (Aaron Gryder), who has stalled since losing a photo to High Limit in this race a year ago; Cheroot (Martin Pedroza), front-running winner of the On Trust sprint on Thanksgiving; Armenian Summer (Garrett Gomez), a lightly raced gray making his stakes debut; and Spellbinder (Corey Nakatani), who has always run well at this distance.
Bowra 'tells me that Wind is a spellbinder, a wonderful lecturer, and, that being a man of great resourcefulness, when he runs out of matter he invents.
Just lie back and luxuriate in what is likely to be the biggest field in 25 years and is bound to produce a spellbinder of a race.
But I know that the spellbinder was you--how else did you persuade Nahilah to put tip with you, reeking with the stink of travel?
This book is a spellbinder, a creative contribution to the history of anthropology, to understanding post-9/11 reactions, and to recalling threads of repression in American society that are continuous.
Jowett's match against Vojtech had been a spellbinder, full of excellent table tennis, with both players expressing pleasure and satisfaction with the encounter when it was over.
Blockbusters Alexander, Troy and the latest Harry Potter spellbinder led the Brit invasion.
After Head made his speech, she delivered hers, termed a spellbinder by some.
Let the children study the history of the race, and they will be the speakers who will put the spellbinder to shame" (Woodson 1941, p.