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Synonyms for speleology

the scientific study of caves


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the pastime of exploring caves

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The Speleological Team is affiliated to the Ministry of Tourism and the Geological Society of Oman, said Dr Kindi.
Talking about the cave the ministry said, "The Speleological Team of Oman surveyed yet another major addition to Oman's geological and natural masterpieces.
Speleological Team of Oman is affiliated to the Ministry of Tourism and
Thanks to Dan Lamping (Illinois Speleological Survey) for drawing Figure 2.
Koryta has done his speleological homework, and when he's got his characters inching through claustrophobic crawlways and wormways in the cold and dark, he knows what he's talking about.
Bulletin of the Speleological Association of Slovenia, 32: 16-25.
Knowledge of human cave use is being considerably aided by systematic speleological survey and the production of detailed cave maps to address how the cultural uses of Mona's caves correlate with cave spaces (Kambesis 2011; Lace 2012).
Annals of the Speleological Research Institute of Japan (Iwaizumi) 14: 1-15.
Considering the large number of passionate cavers out there (the National Speleological Society has 10,000 members), it took a long time to figure out that lint was a threat to caves.
Eds HJ Dyson, R Ellis, JM James) (The Sydney Speleological Society: Sydney)
Should your holiday bucket list include speleological pursuits, say, or vampire-themed mini breaks, or you do a massive amount of clubbing, then the Fire might be just the thing, particularly if you also like your paperbacks good and weighty, but if reading in daylight, while outside, is one of your holiday "hell yeahs" (I know - proper niche, that) then get a good old-fashioned Kindle instead.
Washington Speleological Survey Bulletin 2, Western Speleological Survey Series Number 22.
One member of the speleological group Roma Sotterranea discusses this when describing the constant shifting of the surface:
The article ends on a funny note, explaining this has nothing to do with the Balkan Speleological Conference, to be held in Sofia in March to celebrate the 85th anniversary of organized speleology in Bulgaria.
Word Ways would offer a plausible excuse for resigning my National Speleological Society membership committee job, one that held little interest for me.