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the act of accelerating

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The maximum gained speedup is around 1.7 when using three threads for an image size of 2000x2000 pixels.
On an average, the lock-free algorithm has speedup of 1.43, whereas the lock-based algorithm had average speedup of 1.30.
The MPA mentioned that twenty two million approved project of Batai play ground was waiting for attention and also mentioned many more schemes of water supply, electricity, construction were in dire need to initiate work on it and to speedup work and complete well in time.
The performance is evaluated on mean average precision (MAP) and speedup. For Corel 10 K, MAP is calculated as the mean of precisions achieved at all recall levels.
Speedup can be defined as the ratio of the execution time of the sequential version of a given program running on one processor to the execution time of the parallel version running on P processors with problem size n [14].
Speedups of 55 times were reported over non-optimized CPU version.
For her part, World Bank Lead Economist Punam Chuhan-Pole points out that though growth has rebounded in sub- Saharan Africa, but not fast enough, 'We are still far from pre-crisis growth level, and governments must speedup and deepen macroeconomic reforms and structural reforms to achieve high and sustainable level of growth', she adds.
However, it gives worse results regarding speedup. The most prominent approaches for automatic but programmer directed parallelization of sequential codes are: Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB) [1-2], Intel Cilk Plus [2], Open Multi-Processing (OpenMP) [3], Open Computing Language (OpenCL) [4], etc.
This paper also presented the speedup results obtained by the HJP optimized code over the original code.
He also directed political administration to provide all the needed help to injured and speedup relief activities.
The speedup is calculated against the sequential case without distributed parallel computing denoted as one MPI process.
We are also interested in determining whether loop unrolling and precision has an effect on the speedup. Moreover, we think it would be worthy to investigate the performance of the element version.
MULTIVAC has introduced a SpeedUp module for its cross web labellers, which increases their speed when thermal transfer printers are used at low ambient temperatures.
One can see from the figure, the speedup of the algorithm is almost linear for all experiments except for the case of using 16 processing units to solve the smallest problem with 100 demand points.
Targeting very aggressive price strategy and amazing product, now everyone can have premium smartphone with affordable price, said Rahmad Widjaja Sakti, VP of Product and Marketing of SpeedUp Technology Ltd(HK).