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a meter fixed to a vehicle that measures and displays its speed

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PROPOSALS to penalise drivers who break the speed limit by 1mph will make drivers "paranoid" and encourage them to constantly check their speedometers, it has been claimed.
Breakdown recovery experts were among those who warned that the proposals might make drivers paranoid and constantly check their speedometers.
Otherwise, trust your car's speedometer and it will keep you within the law.
His lawyer Gwyn Lewis told Burton upon Trent magistrates court, Staffs, that Toure was thrown by the speedometer on the German-registered Porsche.
Premier League was pulled driving Porsche Turbo M6 at May rates Burton footballer penalty ordered a total of lives in Cheshire, was It did not have a correct speedometer.
The Speed and Heading feature, unlike the notoriously inaccurate speedometers found on most boats, provides a GPS-based speedometer in large, easy-to-read in text.
New York, July 26 ( ANI ): One of the operators of the Spanish train, which derailed on Thursday claiming 80 lives, has posted photos of the train's speedometer on Facebook and bragged about it going too fast before the fatal accident.
A In general terms the prosecution can still prove an offence of speeding based upon the opinion of police officers provided there is come corroboration from a second witness or machine, usually a speedometer.
However, the winger said he thought he was just doing 85 after believing his speedometer read 138kph.
From Austin to Seguin, the road has a posted speed limit of 85 mph, a number my speedometer doesn't reach on a regular basis.
Summary: Watch that speedometer and stick to the rules of the road.
He had a "pitot"-style speedometer (a tube runs from the bottom of the boat to the back of the gauge and water pressure is used to measure speed), and the tube on the back of the speedometer had sprung a leak.
Her mother asks Maya for help to make sure the speedometer is working.
Like many, she asserts that speed cameras are dangerous because drivers have to look out for them and concentrate on looking at the speedometer rather than traffic hazards.
The application's full-screen, easy-to-read interface shows the commuter's current driving speed in accordance with his car speedometer and compares it to the accurate street-limit data of his current location.