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a ticket issued for driving above the speed limit

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PAL PAID IN PENALTY 'LOOPHOLE' A BIRMINGHAM man tried to evade a string of speeding tickets by paying a pal to use a 'loophole' to claim someone else was driving his BMW car when it was captured on roadside cameras.
Kuisla, 61, took to Facebook last month with 12 furious posts in which he included a picture of his speeding ticket and a picture of what 54,024 euros could buy if it was not going to the state coffers -- a new Mercedes.
Walker, who represented himself, told the court: "The speeding ticket was sent to Lascelles Road - I live at Beetham Plaza - there's no way I could disclose the name of the driver in answer to these speeding tickets when I don't live at that address.
So theoretically a speeding ticket is better than a medal.
Hitler, who lived at Prinzeregentstrasse 16 and he issued the speeding ticket.
A study released late last year provides evidence of what many drivers already suspected: The model of your car likely affects your chances of getting a speeding ticket.
Similarly, the willingness and ability to pay a speeding ticket does not make it OK to speed.
Senior Constable Brett Shenton told the court he did not issue a speeding ticket after detecting her speed at 79 kph in a 60 kph zone last year.
I WOULD like to query a speeding ticket I received yesterday for a couple of reasons and wondered if you could help.
SINAIA, Romania: A driver was stunned to receive a speeding ticket for driving his 15 year-old Renault at 310 mph.
The court heard Howarth was approached by Janet Lefton, daughter of the owners of insurance giant Swinton, on behalf of her son Jeremy after the 19-year-old received a speeding ticket in June 2005.
The camera is at the centre of a dispute over a speeding ticket issued to Sheffield couple Vikki and Iain Fielden in June, 2006.
Well done to Bryn Carlyon for questioning his speeding ticket and proving his innocence.
My first thought was "Great, just what I need, a speeding ticket.
A couple at the centre of a speeding ticket row have been told they must tell the police who was driving or face court.