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They are highly visible patrols and anyone caught speeding can be issued with a ticket.
Speeding is a contributing factor to the significant number of fatalities on rural roads.
I hope this new rule in addition to the awareness campaigns that will be organised by the police will be instrumental in reducing the number of accidents that are caused as a result of speeding."
Speeding extends the distance required to stop a vehicle in emergency situations.
Speed cameras are proven to reduce speeding, and can catch far higher numbers of speeding drivers than traffic police with mobile cameras."
The law has been on the agenda for some time, and no specific decision was made until last week about setting up a trap for speeding drivers.
I will state quite categorically that many people will have paid speeding fines and taken points on their driver's licence who have not, in fact, been the speeding drivers.
Only 6% of drivers from Yorkshire and Humberside admitted speeding each time they got behind the wheel, but as many as 37% from that area broke the limit on motorways.
In fact speeding is bad driving -these signs are there to warn people not to exceed the speed limit in places where it is routinely broken.
Adding eerie ambiance to those time-dilation displays, a staccato soundtrack of ticking clocks--some speeding up, others slowing down-plays in the background.
How does Mel catch a wave speeding faster than many cars?
It has software optimized for speeding the take-out stroke.