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Synonyms for speeder

a driver who exceeds the safe speed limit


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The speeder bikes were actually dressed-up Super 73 electric motorcycles by Lithium Cycles.
With Ext Speeder organizations can perform data queries against databases that contain up to 100 million elements, often in as little as ten milliseconds.
He modified a quadcopter (a small rotary-winged aircraft) and a Hasbro Power of the Force series Speeder Bike toy to make a vehicle straight out of the movie.
One photo shows the chase scene happening very fast as "Kira races at top speed to fly her speeder up into the ship.
But in my own defense, I saw nary a sign anywhere about the Super Speeder fee, nor do I remember any maximum speed-limits posted on Route 301, much of it a ghost road of abandoned businesses with excellent visibility for miles ahead in the thinnest of traffic.
This is significantly more than the uplift for a female speeder six months ago (up by 13.
Stuck with no fresh ideas, Amalia stumbles on a notice for local band Speeder.
MY heart went out to a speeder on the M69 in Leicestershire the other day who got pulled by an unmarked - are you sitting down?
He claims he's seen images of "The Man in Black" on a speeder and wearing a "Darth Bane" helmet.
You are what is classed as a moderate speeder who occasionally exceeds the speed limit.
While admittedly proud of becoming the state's fastest speeder on record, Kelley says he wishes the incident hadn't happened.
BRITAIN'S fastest convicted speeder was jailed for 10 weeks yesterday after police caught him doing 172mph in a Porsche on a rural A-road.
The speeder was delivered Friday and was placed in front of a 25-ton locomotive.