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reading at speeds significantly faster than normal

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Students from Grades 6 to 8 participated in the speed-reading competition to help bolster language skills.
Schotter and UC San Diego colleagues Keith Rayner and Randy Tran conducted a study examining the role that eye movements play in the reading process, which is rendered impossible by rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP), the method used to display text in speed-reading apps like Spritz.
Company senior trainer Sampath Kumar said he helped students with last-minute tips to help boost speed-reading skills.
Well, our speed-readers could say something like this: "I used my speed-reading abilities on the Sledgehammer case.
With speed-reading subtitles, the words are impressed upon the brain, producing greater emotion and reaction than with standard subtitles.
She does omit instruction on speed-reading techniques.
The dense text makes this a book better for savoring than speed-reading, and there are some outdated anecdotes and gender stereotypes typical of the late 1950s.
They said the Airbus registered an inconsistent speed-reading just before contact was lost, raising speculation that the pilots might have inadvertently been flying at the wrong speed.
Your strategies in the next part of the INSEAK process are skimming, scanning and speed-reading as well as working up a detailed Mind Map.
Miles O'Malley is an "increasingly horny, speed-reading, thirteen-year-old insomniac" who becomes a local celebrity when he discovers a 37-foot-long giant squid while kayaking early one morning.
As one educator put it, "RSS is a mechanism for speed-reading the Web.
Strategies of "Sort Stories" include reading to the students, student read-aloud, choral reading, re-reads, and speed-reading.
Hilda Takeyama, who brought speed-reading instruction in the Islands, was introduced to the founder of the Reading Dynamics Institute (RDI) while recovering from a surgery in Michigan.