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reading at speeds significantly faster than normal

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Modern translations like the New English Bible and the NRSV, with their mix of business English and s heer syntactic arrhythmia, are speedy in another way--one can speed-read them like a newspaper, and find them about as disposable--but in their anxiety not to confuse, they have utterly sacrificed the power to command.
Littlewood said: "I used to speed-read it when I was working, but now I take the print off it.
African Americans far outnumbered whites in Lowndes County, but even the most illiterate among them could speed-read the Klan writings on the wall.
It makes no more sense to me to compost quickly than to speed-read the Torah.
They later reported one-quarter of the speed-read false statements as true, whereas they identified nearly all the speed-read true statements correctly.
David Vogel offers too much play-byplay and not enough color commentary; after reading this book, you'll feel as if you have just speed-read through a decade's worth of Congressional Quarterly.
Quote: "My idea of a good Christian is a priest who can speed-read the Mass, not a semi-demented American with a permanent grin.
It's also probably no coincidence that Derren teaches Glen to speed-read by skimming books with his fingers in the shape of devil's horns - a gesture heavy metal fans will know.
But yesterday the Foreign Office said four officials were used to speed-read the document after it was handed to them at 8am.
But last night the Foreign Office revealed four officials speed-read the document to find the key phrases.