speed up

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cause to move faster

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Thus, despite their technological limitations when they were new, media technologies have figured centrally as means to speed up and intensify work.
US delivery group UPS (NYSE:UPS) on Friday said it had agreed to divest its UPS Logistics Technologies arm to private equity firm Thoma Bravo in a deal that would speed up the unit's growth and enhance its leading position in the transportation management solutions market.
Chapters are backed by a companion CD-ROM which holds such a plan in Excel and Word to help streamline and speed up the options for putting together a solid plan.
He leaned on UPS Capital and its UPS Exchange Collect solution, which allowed Rogan to deal with individual customers, speed up delivery, improve efficiency and reduce financial risk.
To speed up homegrown IT and telecom technology development in China and to deliver more user-centric broadband services to end users, Alcatel will launch a Corporate Venture Capital Partnership Program.