speed trap

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a trap arranged on a roadway for catching speeders

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However, there is one thing missing in this scene: Shouldn't there have been a sign stating that there is a speed trap ahead?
Speed traps are unfair THE reason for the vast majority of road accidents is bad driving by people who haven't the coordination, concentration or know-how necessary not only to drive but to react quickly and correctly in an emergency.
Let's face it, speed traps are out there, and they work as a law enforcement action that allows (police) to collect revenue," said Gary Biller, the association's executive director.
Former boxing champ Enzo Maccarinelli was fined in his absence for failing to provide information after his car was caught in a speed trap He also failed to turn up on the last occasion but his business manager did, explaining that Maccarinelli, the ninth world champion to come out of Wales, was training in the States in an attempt to regain his title and was therefore unable to attend court.
One angry islander said: "It's incredibly crass for the force to put a speed trap on a road used by people gathered to look for Simon.
Often their vehicles become a mobile office, fully fitted with a satellite navigation system, PDA, iPod, speed trap radar and a mobile.
Unfortunately, he was caught in a speed trap by the gendarmerie who later discovered that he had an illegal radar detector in the car.
The Rockwell equivalent in the show is a whimsical picture of a rural cop setting a speed trap.
I would now like to focus on how we defended the potent Wing-T Speed Sweep and Speed Trap as run both strong (toward the wing) and weak (toward the cheat back).
A photoelectric speed trap measures the free-falling dart's speed and calculates the loss of kinetic energy, thereby determining the energy required to penetrate the film.
com LLC announces that Njection Mobile (NMobile), its worldwide speed trap notification system for Apple iPhone 3G and iPod Touch, has released version 1.
Contract notice: Supply of 16 laser speed trap speed control.
com CBR1000 Honda Fireblade, which he only acquired early this season, Owen added: "I'm getting to grips with the bike and managed 188mph through the speed trap so was happy with the set-up for the race and qualified 28th.
COPS put the brakes on dangerous driving by setting up a speed trap in response to residents' concerns.
The arsonist wedged a bicycle tyre around the speed trap on the A45, near Toll Bar island, and set it ablaze.