speed trap

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a trap arranged on a roadway for catching speeders

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Previously, users globally got an update that enabled them to report an accident or a speed trap in the app itself if they encountered one on their journey.
Meanwhile, Denmark are receiving only the speed trap notification at the moment.
However, there is one thing missing in this scene: Shouldn't there have been a sign stating that there is a speed trap ahead?
Speed traps are unfair THE reason for the vast majority of road accidents is bad driving by people who haven't the coordination, concentration or know-how necessary not only to drive but to react quickly and correctly in an emergency.
But some police officials in Oregon scoff at the idea that any particular stretch of road can be considered a "speed trap."
Former boxing champ Enzo Maccarinelli was fined in his absence for failing to provide information after his car was caught in a speed trap He also failed to turn up on the last occasion but his business manager did, explaining that Maccarinelli, the ninth world champion to come out of Wales, was training in the States in an attempt to regain his title and was therefore unable to attend court.
ISLANDERS searching for missing navy cadet Simon MacMillan were targeted by a police speed trap...the day after officers abandoned the hunt.
Malcolm Duckett, VP Marketing at Speed Trap, comments, "This advance in Internet browsing privacy is well overdue, and exceedingly welcome.
A DRIVER has queried the fairness of a speed trap after being taken to court.
The second-generation version of the Speed Trap refrigerated solvent condenser improves the performance of vacuum concentration systems.
The warning follows the surge in sales of satellite navigation systems over Christmas, as well as the use of personal digital assistants (PDAs), speed trap radar and mobile phones.
Unfortunately, he was caught in a speed trap by the gendarmerie who later discovered that he had an illegal radar detector in the car.
A police speed trap on a country road raked in pounds 7,500 in three hours - catching law-breaking drivers at a rate of one every 86 seconds.
The Rockwell equivalent in the show is a whimsical picture of a rural cop setting a speed trap. It is perfectly fine whimsy, but it is popular art as anecdote, not inq uiry.