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regulation establishing the top speed permitted on a given road

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The roads on which speed limits have been amended include Riyadh-Taif Road westwards, Riyadh-Taif Road eastwards, Riyadh-Qassim Road northwards, Qassim-Riyadh Road southwards, Makkah-Madinah Road northwards, Madinah-Makkah Road southwards, Madinah-Jeddah Road southwards and Jeddah-Madinah Road northwards, according to a report on Saudi Gazette .
Monitoring of the speed limit will be on a daily basis but will vary on the areas of operation particularly within certain spots in the national highway which are prone to accidents.
Four other major roads in the metropolis would soon have reduced speed limits to 50 kilometers per hour (kph) from 60 kph, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced on Thursday.
Straessle, two months ago, said the Speed Limit Review would show whether raising the speed limits was a good idea and if so, where it would be a good idea.
When we reduced the speed limit from 120kph to 110kph, our aim was to save lives and statistics before and after six months [of the change] at least will determine that.
In September, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Police announced the decision to reduce the speed limit on busy highways following a spate of accidents over the last two years.
It is, however, clear that the vast majority are complying with the variable speed limit.
The current speed limit on the stretch of River Road was set in 2003 using that approach.
We have sent a proposal to the relevant authorities setting the minimum speed limit on motorways at 100kmph.
Mrs Hart said: "Evidence shows that 20mph speed limits can improve driver behaviour and reduce speeds around schools.
The rule about speed limits is that unless marked otherwise in a built up area with street lighting the limit is 30mph.
There is a lot of confusion among motorists over the restoration of the 100km/h speed limit on February 22nd Street, local Arabic daily Arrayah has reported.
Many drivers fail to stay within the speed limit and will often end up being fined or prosecuted.
The State legislature agreed to raise the speed limit during its 2014 session.
22 -- The Indian Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has revised the speed limits for vehicles plying on roads, increasing the speed limit for cars to 100km/h and bikes to 80km/h.