speed freak

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addict who habitually uses stimulant drugs (especially amphetamines)

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Plus, when casting, the new Smoke Speed Freak design disengages from the pinion gear completely, allowing the spool shaft to 'float' freely for zero friction, adding even more distance to your casts.
An experienced 24 year old speed freak described crank bugs as follows:
His subjects represent a diverse range of personalities and treatment issues: from Darlene, the schizophrenic speed freak, to Crystal, a fast-talking crack addict.
a speed freak with spidery repetitious gestures danced in front of us all night long.
Gosling is mesmerising as the speed freak loner, catalysing smouldering screen chemistry with Mulligan.
I am also a bit of a speed freak, so the whole idea of the World Powerboat Championships being held in Cardiff was very exciting.
I'm a total speed freak - and it's not just about movement in the ring.
I saw a lot of Jack Smith during a period when I was basically a speed freak.
Prescribed Ritalin for his ADD, Lou Taylor Pucci (above) turns from thumb-sucking geek to arrogant babbling speed freak.
SPEED freak Oz Coatsworth is bidding to become one of the fastest men on earth.
SPEED freak Mahendra Dhoni enjoys being in the slipstream of Sachin Tendulkar as it allows him a quiet life.
After another brush with the law in America, which threatens to land him in jail, speed freak Sean Boswell is shipped off to Japan to learn discipline from his estranged father, Major Boswell.
After one brush too many with police authorities in America, speed freak Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) is shipped off to learn some discipline from his father, Major Boswell (Brian Goodman).
The speed freak festival also includes displays by Funny Cars, Top Fuel Bikes, Rocket Cars and much more.