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a hindrance to speeding created by a crosswise ridge in the surface of a roadway

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A speed bump has also been installed on Avenue 9, in Block 228, after repeated accidents on that road while work on a car park near Muharraq Health Centre will begin soon, according to Mr Al Sinan.
The speed bump and 20mph zone have had a noticeable effect, added Cllr Rose.
Design engineer Mynor Castro invented the Pit-Ballistic Undercarriage Lanyard, or the Pit-Bul, which masquerades as an innocuous speed bump but which can stop vehicles going up to 45 miles per hour, Castro said.
A combination of potholed roads, more speed bumps and lighter automotive parts are wreaking havoc on motorists' cars, as well as their purses.
London, December 18 ( ANI ): Experiencing pain when travelling over speed bumps is associated with an increased likelihood of acute appendicitis, according to a new study.
Eyewitnesses told Daily News Egypt that the clashes started when the two families fought over three speed bumps built by Alaa Rida Roushdy, National Democratic Party candidate for the 2010 parliamentary elections and member of the Coptic family, in front of his house.
Real speed bumps could not be installed in that road because it is unlit, but Neath Port Talbot council's proposed 2D speed bump is an alternative to the 3D one originally planned for the B4434 Lletty Dafydd near Clyne war memorial.
Speed bumps are among the biggest irritants on the roads to many motorists.
The plane landed on the main road of the Leominster Enterprise Park, then under construction, and veered off the carriageway when it struck a speed bump, hitting a tree.
If your car is damaged by a speed bump you need to get an engineer's report and then you can take action against the local authority.
That worries Miller because the marshes act like a speed bump, protecting inland areas by slowing down a storm's destructive winds and waves before they strike shore.
Despite Dave's claims of having no philosophy behind his world-popular comic strip series Speed Bump, one does detect a decidedly didactic bent coupled with a penchant for pointing out paradoxes that punctuate the particulars of our daily lives.
There's no single theme to Speed Bump: Cartoons For Idea People, no basic philosophy--but his 'outtakes' appear in over 200 newspapers around the country and Speed Bump is a fine survey which gathers these into themed chapters, includes the author's introduction to each, and even presents a small portion of color cartoons with the black and white winners.
The official dialogue between Roman Catholics and Anglicans has hit a speed bump, although both sides insist that they are committed to further conversations in their common search for Christian unity.
Because typical firewalls sit on the data path and examine each packet, they act not only as a speed bump that slows data throughput, but also risk being a single point of failure in the network.