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a hindrance to speeding created by a crosswise ridge in the surface of a roadway

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The deputy commissioner office said that several complaints were registered with common man about mis-use of cat's eye as speed breaker, due to which the DC issued order of immediate removal of all cat's eye across the city.
As I waited, each of the cars daintily took a step forward and slowly and carefully stepped over the speed breaker.
RAWALPINDI -- The placing of speed breakers from 502 Workshop up-to JCO Quarters along Adiala road is causing traffic jams and has led to a number of accidents.
RAWALPINDI -- The residents of Askari 7, 14 and numerous colonies have urged the officials concerned to direct the Cantonment authorities to remove the speed breakers along the road at 502 Workshop which are unnecessarily causing traffic jam and have led to a number of accidents.
1) name of work: construction of speed breaker at different locations in jangpura & pant nagar area in ward no.
RAWALPINDI -- While the Punjab government is constructing signal-free corridors to ease the flow of traffic on various roads, the Chaklala Cantonment Authorities have placed speed breakers along Adiala road from 502 Workshop upto Rah-e-Amman Turning which is affecting the smooth flow of traffic.
Tenders are invited for Retro Reflective Sticker Self Adhesive W/O Board High Intensity Prismatic H/P Type Percent U2013 Iv As Per Astm 4956 Speed Breaker Board .
Tenders are invited for Solar road studs 125x125x25mm, Road studs, Delineator-ABS, Speed breaker ofBlack Yellow colour of modular design of size 350x250x50 mm, Speed breaker ofBlack Yellow colour of modular design of size 350x250x50 mm,
Tenders are invited for Providing speed breaker at different locations in Rajouri Garden and Tagore Garden
The residents of the area held protest demonstration and claimed that such incidents occur on daily basis due to the non-provision of speed breaker on roads.
Tenders are invited for Providing And Fixing Speed Breaker And Road Marking Paint On Periphery Road Of Village Raispur And Harsaon At Ghaziabad
When the Nushki bound passenger coach reached near a speed breaker, the blast took place at around 8:20 AM.
The locals have long been demanding the CDA and the local administration build a speed breaker at this site, especially keeping in view the large number of children, elderly people and women crossing the road on a daily basis.
The court had expressed annoyance over non-implementation of the orders regarding removal of encroachments from Cantt areas, Rawal and Potohar Towns, cleaning of nullahs and removal of unauthorised speed breakers on the city roads.
She calls on the Liberia National Police (LNP) and the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) to erect speed breakers along roads in the suburbs of the capital to avoid such accidents.