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Synonyms for speed




exceed the speed limit


  • exceed the speed limit
  • drive too fast
  • break the speed limit

speed something up

Synonyms for speed

Synonyms for speed

a rate (usually rapid) at which something happens

the ratio of the focal length to the diameter of a (camera) lens system

travel at an excessive or illegal velocity

cause to move faster

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Similar to the friction mode, the master sets the speed, but here we are looking at the rotors' speed at 1:1 ratio.
An engineer at Century Extruders notes that "a good customer of ours runs at 80% of maximum torque and 80% of maximum speed, which is safe.
On the opposite end of the continuum, the heavier the resistance used, the greater the total number of MUs that have to be recruited -- which can only result in a slower speed of movement.
The increased rotational speed of today's disk drives, coupled with high areal density, has resulted in raw disk transfer rates becoming ever closer to the interface speed.
And Swenson will need to use that distance to start, speed up, slow down, and stop.
Magnum has a program that calculates what the optimum motor speed needs to be for a particular operation, and what size is needed.
First, that speed was mostly generic in origin; that you were endowed with a certain amount of speed and that you could do just so much to improve it -- basically, by focusing on the start and basic mechanics.
The direct-mounted hydraulic drive motors allow independent control of the speed, torque, phase angle and rotational direction of each rotor.
Various studies suggest extreme speed of movement, while others contend that controlled speeds are equally as effective.
Blown-film producers - specially makers of thin-gauge HDPE - are also looking for greater speed and roll uniformity.
One of the most problematic manifestations of temperature control limitations occurs in extrusion processes when the screw speed is changed, either as part of a planned sequence of string-up, change-over or splicing, or during an unplanned event such as a shut-down or emergency stop.