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Synonyms for speed




exceed the speed limit


  • exceed the speed limit
  • drive too fast
  • break the speed limit

speed something up

Synonyms for speed

Synonyms for speed

a rate (usually rapid) at which something happens

the ratio of the focal length to the diameter of a (camera) lens system

travel at an excessive or illegal velocity

cause to move faster

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Traffic volume in urban streets increases dramatically in morning hours (6-8 a.m.) when the loading factor increases up to 0.5-0.6 and in turn the actual driving speed decreases.
The speed changer, industrial high-speed drive, and gear manufacturing market consists of sales of speed changers, industrial high-speed drives, and gears by entities organizations, sole traders or partnerships) that produce gears, speed changers, and industrial high-speed drives (except hydrostatic).
Globe Telecom Inc.'s Speed Score was at 10.04 points.
They record your speed between two points and calculate an average of your speed overall.
NTSA and Kenya Bureau of Standards on Wednesday said the updated speed governors will see speed data on all PSV's transmitted to NTSA servers amid efforts to reduce road accidents through speeding.
They are adults who know the speed limit, if they wish to speed, fine them.
Lonely Planet has also listed Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan as one of its top ten places to live as a 'digital nomad'-someone who conducts work mostly online from a foreign country-due to factors including internet speed and living costs.
to encourage drivers to select operating speeds consistent with the posted speed limit.
The new speed limit signs on the roads(not yet removed the cover) in Abu Dhabi to be effect from Sunday onward Image Credit: Sami Zaatari, Staff Reporter
Speed accounted for 32.2 percent of all overall crashes, and 34.2 percent of all fatal traffic crashes in 2016.
According to its latest results, the Philippines advanced by one spot to 87 out of 128 countries during the first quarter of 2018 in terms of fixed broadband speed.
Ookla, a widespread speed testing company, has ranked Pakistan at 89 out of 122 countries in the mobile internet speeds, ahead of Nepal, Sri Lanka and arch rival India, which stands at 109th spot.
ISLAMABAD:Pakistan holds the 89th position in terms of mobile speed for the month of November according to speed testing company Ookla.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan holds the 89th position in terms of mobile speed for the month of November according to speed testing company Ookla.